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Humble Assistance - Scam Email from Fraud People

Humble Assistance - Scam Email from Fraud People

Sometimes you may receive email entitled "Humble Assistance", "Seeking Assistance", "Business Proposal", "Investment", "Please Help Me", "I need your Help", "I am seeking for your assistance", "My Dear Sir" or "Dear Brother", "Hello", "Assalamu Alaikum"; which contain request for transfer money from their country to your country and offering commission to you. After continuous email conversation, when you become intimate and close relation with the email sender, then they will ask you for money as "Registration Fee", or "Service Charge" or mentioning any type of legal problem.

These cheater and fraud people use mainly poor, famine affected or war damaged countries or regions specially African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Sudan, Lybia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon etc. Some Asian countries also used like Philippines, Burma, Iraq etc.


There are many types of fraud and scam email or advertisement, which are given below:

A. Some email or advertisement is intended to directly take money from people through temptation.
B. Some email is intended to hijack the email password or internet security to get credit card no. or any other personal business related information.
C. Some websites are intended to force the people to buy their anti-virus or anti-spyware software by falling the people in their trap.


A. Types of scam email or advertisements, which directly hijack the money through cheating and fraud:

1. Email sender claims himself/herself as a son or wife of any dead or killed millioniare or political leader.
2. Claiming himself as a bank manager.
3. Claiming himself/herself as a leader or commander of any defeated warring faction, or an ousted president of any country.
4. You are the visitor number 50,000,00 of this website, please claim your prize.
5. You have won the Lottery.
6. Your payment has been received
7. Offering any big order.
8. Data Entry Scam.

B. Identity Theft:

Some people encourage you to send your email password to them, which will be used to theft your credit card or paypal account.

C. Fraud Softwares:

Some fraud websites persuade you to download their software which will be starting to irritate you until you buy their paid version.

Now we are giving details description of each type of fraud and scam:



A. Scam and fraud email or advertisements, which directly hijack the money:

1. Email sender describe that, his/her father or husband has been killed leaving millions of dollar. S/he and his/her money is not safe in their country and he/she want to leave the country with money. So, he/she need to transfer the money from their country to your country and he/she will be migrated from his/her country to your country. He/she found only you as a trustable person in this world and need your help to transfer the money. As a return of your cooperation, he/she offer you commission from this money. But at a stage of conversation, they will inform you that, the status of their money is in fix deposit in any bank or insurance company, which could not be released without payment; so they need some money to retrieve their fund from account.
For view example of this type of scam, please view the page:

2. Sometimes somebody may send you an email claiming that, he is a bank manager and one of the client or customer of his bank has been killed by accident or natural disaster, who have no successor or inheritor to claim the money of his account. So, if you can claim yourself as his relative or family member, then you can release the money from the bank and share this amount with self declared bank manager- sender of the email. It is not only a scam and fraud, but also an unethical offer. No honest or faithful person could agree with this type of business proposal.

3. Some type of email sender claim that, he/she is a leader or military commander, whose party or forces has been defeated in civil war and he/she may be captured by his/her enemy forces in any time. So he/she is seeking for a safe shelter and wants to migrate from his/her country to your country with large amount of fund. Or, the email sender may be claim himself/herself as an ousted president, or wife or child of any ousted or killed or arrested leader, who have huge funds which may be seized any time by current government for corruption charge.

4. Sometimes during visiting any website, you may see such ad: "Congratulation! You are the visitor number 50 million of this website. Please claim your prize and call the number xxx." But if you contact with their given number, then you will see you have to pay something to get the prize. It is not necessary the website owner to be responsible. Website may be used by any third party advertisers to show their own ads using the advertising opportunity.

5. Another common email scam is like Congratulation! You have won the lottery. These types of email are sent by using the name of Microsoft or any famous organization. How it is possible for me to win a lottery without participate? For more details about this type of scam, please visit my another post: You Won the Lottery - Another Internet Scam

6. Another type of email scam is giving good news like "your payment has been received" or "your credit card is now pre approval". For more details, please view the post: Your payment has been received - another type of scam email

7. Another type of scam is offering any large volume order. This type of email is targeting mainly the people involve in import-export business. Suppose, if any scammer know about you that, you are an exporter or supplier, then they will send you email like: "We want to buy 2 million pcs T-shirts for United Nation's campaign against AIDS in Africa." After some days, when you will agree with them about price, then they will send you email entitled "Registration as a Contractor", which require three things: a passport size photo, a passport or driving license copy and registration fee US$ 1500. That means, you have to become a registered contractor to get the tender to supply these goods.

To identify business fraud, please note the following points:
i) In buying-selling or import-export business, it is normal rule that, payment will done by buyer. But if you hear supplier have to pay, it is fraud.
ii) If buyer accept excessive high price, or give their target price too high, it is fraud. Similarly, if supplier offer abnormal low price which seems impossible, it may be fraud.
iii) When you are going to business with any African country, you have to be more careful. If you want to import anything from Africa, never give any advance payment, even not give L/C before you get the goods in your hand. If you want to export anything to Africa, never produce or ship the goods without advance payments.
iv) In European countries, Romanian, Bulgarian and Spanish buyers only collect samples.
v) Never trust with any Bid or tender which comes from any individual or private organization. Only government of any country can invite for Bid or tender.

8. In case of Data Entry or any types of works, it is obvious that, service receiver have to pay and service provider have to get paid. But if you see any website, you have to pay any amount to do your data entry works, it is nothing but a fraud.

In one word, any type of attractive offer which require advance fee is scam.


B. Identity Theft:

Sometimes in your Yahoo mail, you may see email which claimed to be sent from Yahoo, inform you that, Yahoo is now closing all unused email accounts, so you need to verify your account as soon as possible to avoid the closure of your email account. In this type of email, sender asks to the receiver to fill the form containing personal information including email password. This type of email also sent to gmail entitled "Update your account to avoid suspension" informing that, "Google is now engaged in account maintenance service and account holder need to confirm his/her continued membership. Failure to confirm the continued membership will lead to service suspension." It is nothing but a trap to hijack email password of the user.
Sometimes you may receive any email attachment entitled "password", "I have your password", "I have your photo with your girl friend", "You are under criminal charge", "Your criminal acts has been revealed", "Police is hunting you" etc. and sender ask you to see details information in the attached file. These attachments may contain elements which can hack your email password or even get access and control on your computer.

These cyber criminals will use the email password to theft your identity which includes confidential business information specially credit card or paypal numbers.

Sometimes password theft attempt is done by offering any large business order. An example of this type of password theft trap is as follows:

This is Diane Norfleet  from Sales Manager Corporate, Inc..I'm using this medium to inform you that we are interested in your product, If Yes below is our order sample

Kindly Give Me your Minimum Order Quantity,delivery time, Payment terms, and your products warranty.
Thanks and best regards
Diane Norfleet
Rana Singh Farms Ltd
780-167-2065 house
780-167-7458 cell"
Needless to say, if you click above web link, you will see a form which require only your email address and password.

To protect yourself from identity theft:-
i) Never provide your personal information to unknown people, 
ii) Never open any attachment of unknown person, 
iii) Never open any attachment of unknown file extension,
iv) Never fill any form which require Email ID and Password, even it seems like Yahoo or Google page. Yahoo and Gmail login page is duplicated by the hackers.
v) Never trust any news from unknown people,
vi) Do not become over curious about any surprising or sensational news.


C. Fraud Softwares:

During browsing the internet, sometimes you may be noticed that, your computer is full of virus and spyware. Even they will show an auto scan and specifically tell the name and number of viruses of your specific drives and folders; and you will be asked that, without downloading and installing their software, you have no way to get rid of this viruses and spywares. But their provided virus data all are fake, and if you download or install their software, then they will get you as a hostage, and you will have no way to escape without ransom. After installing their software, every time you start your computer, they will start automatically scan your computer and you will not able to do any normal work in computer. Every internet browser like IE, Firefox all will be prevented by their software detecting as a virus. You will have no way to browse internet except the purchase site of their software. In this condition, if you want to get release from their blockade, you have to buy the paid version of their software. 
I was get victim by one of this kind of software, which is named Windows Activity Debugger. For more information about Windows Activity Debugger and to know the way to remove this fraud software, please view my another post: Windows Activity Debugger - Another Example of Internet Fraud

Tips to avoid every type of scam and fraud: Never give money to unknown or unfamiliar people except legal buying and selling and import-export business. Advance payment only may be needed in case of production of any good, which you have place an order to any trusted established reputable manufacturer. Even if you get email from any known, famous or familiar person for seeking any economic assistance, please ensure and verify either his/her email has been hacked or he/she has been kidnapped.

If you have any experience about scam or fraud, please describe your history to our email. We shall publish your history at Others people's experience page. If you know about any other kind of internet scam or fraud, please let me know through posting a comment. Real story from the people who already get victim will get priority.

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How to Recover Money from Scams

How to Recover and Get Back Money from Scams

If you get victim by phising scammers and lost your money, the only way to recover your lost money is reporting scam to the governments and authority of the country where criminals stay and run their activity, or to the country where the funds has been transferred. But how could you know the exact location of the criminals? If they claim that, they are from Italy or Germany but actually they sent email from Africa, or if they claim they are from Zimbabwe but actually from South Africa, how could you identify their original country or region? To find the probable location of email sender, you first need to detect their IP address and then specify their country by using the IP.

To find the IP, you can open an Alibaba account and also request the email sender to open an account in Alibaba, mentioning that you always use Alibaba, so it will be more helpful to maintain regular contact with you.
Alternatively, you can create a webpage, include "AddFreeStatus" on your page and then request the email sender to visit your webpage. To encourage him/her to visit your page, you can give details reply including your personal information including bank information (off course not give real information) in that page. You should neither inform about this webpage to any other people, nor submit this page to anywhere in the web. If your targeted person visit your page, then you will see his/her IP address in the Addfreestatus of your page.

After find the IP, you can found the country of IP holder by using this IP address. To get the country name of a particular IP address, see the following pages:
How to find web address location
How can I find location through ip address
How to find any ip address
How to know ip location
Easy ways to know location from ip

Please note that, you can only found the country name, not found the exact person or computer. Because, same IP may be used by many people. So matching only IP address could not prove anybody as culprit, untill other evidence found. So you must be careful that, no innocent people would be harrassed or harmed. A criminal must be captured in red handed during doing his/her criminal activity, not any other time when he/she not involved in activity. Before hunt anybody, you and law enforcement authority must carefully observe and spying on his/her activity. Otherwise, you may be responsible for victimize any innocent person.

Another important point, if the email sender use any annonymous proxy server, then you will not found his/her country by using IP address. So depending only on IP may be lead to harm any innocent people. So please do not take action against anybody without further evidence.

After found IP and country name, contact with the government of the country and forward all emails to them. If you sent money, do not forget to scan the payment copy and send by email to the government of the country where the money has been transferred.

Here is a list of governments, organizations and agencies, where a fraud victim can report the scam:

South African Government
Official website of government of South Africa
South African Police Service - Scam Prevention Project
The South African Police Service established a Task Team within the Commercial Branch to investigate 419 scams.
Southern African Fraud Prevention Service
A South African company combating fraud and scam
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Nigerian government official web portal
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission - EFCC
Contribute to the global war against financial crimes
Sudan Government
News and issues from Government of Sudan


Zimbabwe Government
Official website of government of Zimbabwe
Cameroun Government
Prime Minister's office of Cameroun
Benin Government
Official website of Benin Government in French language, you need to translate through Google Translation
Government of Ghana
You can find Security agencies of Ghana Government at the Directory page of this official website
Philippines Government
Official gazette of republic of Philippines

Please note that, before take help or service from anybody of above listed websites, please ensure and verify two things: they are government and they do not require any advance fee. Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) has not still verified, so be careful about taking help from them.

You Won the Lottery - Another Internet Scam

You Won the Lottery - Another Internet Scam

Sometimes you may get email or advertisement entitled "Congratulation! You have won the lottery", "Final notice of your claim", "As a matter of urgency - Act fast", "You are today's iPhone winner!" etc. These types of email are sent by using the name of Microsoft, Google, World Bank, IMF, United Nation, UNICEF, U.S. Treasury Department or any other famous organization or authority. The email sender claim that, they collect the addresses of internet users and arrange lottery between them. It is nothing but a cyber crime and fraudulent activity. 
Before response to this type of invitation, please think, who have the liability to voluntarily arrange lottery and give prize to you? How I can win the lottery where I did not participate at all? If anybody give you good news and congratulate you for become a father, but still you have neither marriage, nor go to any woman, would you believe the news?

Your payment has been received - another type of scam email

Your payment has been received - another type of scam email

Sometimes you may get email like "your payment has been received", "your credit card is now pre approval", "Payment Confirmation" etc. Probably by the message Your payment has been received, the sender want to means that, any other people whose name is similar like this email receiver, have paid something; so the email receiver have the opportunity to get the money by getting the chance of this mistaken transaction. In later, the scammer may be try to convince the email receiver to pay something or to provide email password or credit card info to get the money.

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Windows Activity Debugger - Another Example of Internet Fraud

Simple Way to Remove Windows Activity Debugger

Windows Activity Debugger is an annoying and fraudulent infection. It's designed to look like a malware remover but the program itself is a computer parasite distributed by trojans. Do not trust a single notification displayed to you by Windows Activity Debugger!
Windows Activity Debugger is notorious for its numerous pop-ups. The scam is able to falsify various kinds of system errors. Some other pop-ups are masked as a security alerts. None of them bring real information: the pop-ups are Windows Activity Debugger’s way to trick its victims into paying for useless piece of software.
I know a simple way to remove windows activity debugger and any  type of unexpected software. Just do System Restore - restore your computer to a backdated state before install the software, that means you have to give a date when this disturbing software was not exist in your computer. To do it, go to Drive C>Documents and Settings>All Users>Start Menu>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore, then select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" and press next, and choose a date from calender and press next button.
Although it is still possible to remove this fraudulent software though system restore, but I am afraid, if this cyber criminals know about it, then they may update the software which will be able to effect on system restore, which will make irrecoverable this problem. So I suggest all of my blog viewers to be careful and not download or install any unknown software, specially the softwares which automatically detect problem in your computer and voluntarily interfere on your computer. Because, prevention is better than cure.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Recovery Scam - Scam Over Scam

Recovery scam is scam over scam, which make the victim again victim. The people who already get victim by the scammers and fraud criminals, and want to recover their lost money, are targeted again by the frauds through offering them to help to recover their money.
For know about recovery scams, please visit the website: Recovery Scams - Scam Busters

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Other Website about Scam and Fraud

Nigerian spam
We provide the relevant information you should be aware of regarding the several processes involved with spamming, especially Nigerian spam. Nigerian spam is the fraudulent way to pull out money from victims promising an immense fortune. We deal with the major problems concerned with Nigerian spamming and its impact.

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Serving International Law Enforcement, Investigators and Anti-scam Specialists
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Reach more customers with the best web directory for free where you can find more resources about Fraud Directory

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Email Account Closure Warning - Another Trap for Identity Theft

We have observed another scam which is intended to theft your identity by claiming themselves as your email service provider like Yahoo or Gmail. See the following scam messages:
Message 1:

Dear Account User,

We require you to verify your Google account as we are about to close down some unused emails registered under Gmail, which are causing our system to malfunction due to none usage of these emails.
To avoid Email closure.

please follow the link below to keep your account safe.

Verification.

This is to improve our service quality. We are sorry for inconveniences 
Case number: 894162450 
Property: Account Security
Copyright 2014 Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. 

Please do not reply to this message. This is a service email related to

your use of Google Inc., Mail.
Message 2:
Dear Customer,   
We have send you this message before it was deleted by fruadsters from an unknown ip address which was hidden from our security, it as come to our notice that your account have bein accessing from different location and it as being breaking our security question in your yahoo account if you are not  the customer that is breaking our security details we advise you to update your account now and be safe, if fail to update your account security we shall shut-down your account in the next 24hrs last warning,
We recommend that you Please download the attachment and open it and logging your account again and we shall help you to  keep your account safe from them and we shall deny any access to your account from any unknow ip address. 

update your account. and  avoid the shut-down.

Thank You.
Yahoo Inc

Attached file: Yahoo Security Update.html

Message 3:
Hi ,
Someone recently tried to use an application to sign in to your Google account on.

Wednesday, 21 Jan, 2015 10:19 AM GMT
IP Address:
Location: Ukraine (UA)
If you do not verify your account, you stand the risk of losing your account
Follow the Below button to keep your account safe.
Please click the Below button to keep your account safe.

Continue with Verification
© 2014 Gmail Inc. All Rights Reserved.
2563 Amphitheatre Way San Francisco, CA 908764
© G00GLE INC 2014
Needless to say, this type of email does not at all sent from Google or Yahoo. If you click on so called "Sign-in Verification" Link or download the attachment, your identity will be hacked.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Business Fraud in Computer Repair Service

Although this blog was actually about internet fraud, but now I am not able to limit my discussion only about online fraud. Because, I already get victim in case of computer repair service. I have completely lost my HP Laptop Computer, by which this blog was created. Also lost additional 20,000/= Taka (BDT) as well as my valuable documents. Also lost my valuable time, energy and health. My work and income have completely stopped. You will become strange to hearing that, my hard disk was not damaged, but systematically hijacked by the fraud. The name of this cheater is Mr. Hossain Ali Chanchal, who have no permanent office address. Mr. Chanchal is not any maker or engineer, he is actually a broker based on Elephant Road, Dhanmondi and Panthpath in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In case of servicing for electrics and electronics materials, makers often stolen the good and valuable parts and replace them by old and low quality parts. Computer repair service is not any exceptional case. If you go to any crud people to repair your laptop, it has a great chance to lost your valuable parts either being damaged or being replaced. The common tactics of fraud makers to attract the people through offering most competitive charge. You will become surprised by their amazing offer, where other service centers offer 4,000/= Taka, here it would be possible only within 1,200/= Taka! If you take your laptop to their service center for any little problem like display problem, they will firstly tell you that, LCD is ok, but only ST Card or Inverter has problem and this replacement only require 1,000/= Taka. But after replace this parts, they will discover that, your LCD is not ok. So you have to buy LCD monitor from them by 5,000/= Taka. During this servicing period, they will welding and burning your motherboard in the excuse of test and experiment to find out the location of problem. This is like the method of dishonest doctors and diagnostic centers who produce further physical damage by the name of pathological tests, or damage the lunch or heart during the treatment of kidney. After motherboard become damaged, then you have to buy motherboard from them @10,000/= Taka. At last, they will inform you that, your laptop computer become totally incurable and their is no chance to get back your computer. To help to recover your loss, they will show mercy to you by giving an alternative offer to exchange your computer. If you add 16,000/= Taka with your old computer, they will give you a second hand computer. They will tell you that, although their offering computer is second hand, but completely running. They will also express their computer to you as more advanced, more powerful and more original than your computer. In this situation, as you given already advance 10,000/= for buy motherboard, so you will have no way to deny their offer. Even they will agree to give 6 months warranty for your satisfaction. But this computer may be expired within 2 weeks. Needless to say, their warranty has no validity.
If you want to keep your own hard disk, they may agree. But if they see, your hard disk is more valuable and has more disk space, then they will convince you not to take your own hard drive. To persuade you to give up your hard disk, they will try to prove your hard disk is problem and not safe for you. Even they will not agree to give copy your data. Because, if you going to copy all of your data from your hard disk to their given hard disk, then it will be revealed that, their hard disk has not enough space to copy all data of your hard disk. (They may show you any problem and tell something like your hard disk has been locked so the data need to be unlocked by a special software which need 2 more days. They may also suggest you to take copy of your data to DVD instead of hard disk within your own cost.) If you not to agree to go home without your data and compel them to copy your data, then they will do it by their own hand, but not allow to give your hand to mouse. (They may give excuse that, copying by your hand may transmit the virus and your new computer may be infected. They also may suggest and advise you to copy only necessary documents; mentioning the videos as unnecessary and the softwares as harmful. They also may recommend you to keep all valuable or big data in DVD mentioning it is safer than HDD.) After return home, you may discover that, only one fifth data has been copied. (If you do any question about disk space and number of drive, they may explain that original disk space is 80 GB, but show only two drive and 37 GB. After properly done the partition and again setup windows, then you will see four drive with 80 GB total space.) Keeping your hard disk with documents will also used as a bargaining weapon to hunt more money from you.
Even after completely exploiting you and sucking your everything, these cheaters will express themselves as the loser and prove you as the beneficiary. They may show that, they have spent thousands of money for you and done hard work spending their valuable days and nights and sacrificing their all other works to repair your computer. By seeing their condition, you would have to condole them and say "sorry" to them before your return.

Mr. Chanchal told lie after lie at every stage of dealing. From the beginning of the deal, I had not to go to his office or home with my laptop, but he willingly come to me to took my laptop and take responsibility to return back after repair. He claim that, he do this as a voluntary service to me only for my honor. But the real cause of not inviting or encouraging me to go to his office or home is that, he do not do any repairing work by himself, he just work as a mobile broker, so he do not want to let me directly contact with the maker. Forbidding me to go to his office or home is also because of hiding the real condition of my computer. After one week, he call me and give me the good news, "Your Computer is now Tip-Top Running!" He informed me that, he will come to my area within 2 hours. Then I was go to the road and waiting for 3 hours, but nobody comes. At afternoon, I again call him and he said, "Your computer was totally ok and I was testing for 4 hours, but at the last moment, when I was ready to departure to you, then suddenly it has been hanged." At the next day, he told that, the computer has totally damaged and there is no way to get back this computer. He also told that, the new motherboard has also burned and also his own motherboard has burned to test my computer. But later I know from the maker that, new motherboard was become heat and so it was unplugged from the computer. It revealed that, burning the new motherboard was a false information. My laptop was actually not at all repaired, which Mr. Chanchal claimed that it was ok for 4 hours. This bastard was only staged a drama to make his unequal fraudulent exchange offer.
The most strange thing done by Mr. Chanchal that, he stolen my hard disk with all documents, only give copy of one fifth documents after my hard pressure, but claim that, he has provided me Data Recovery Service of 500/= Taka value. How funny! Which is called data recovery? We everybody know, data recovery means recover the lost data. But my data was not at all lost, hard disk was not at all damaged. He only give me copy of some data. Copying and Recovering has earth-sky difference. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

List of Fraud People

Here is a list of some fraud people:

1. Mr. Sabuj
Hardware Engineer
AVI Com Technology
(All Kinds of Computer Solution
Old-New Computer & Accessories Available Here)
Shop # 443 (4th Floor)
Suvastu Arcade
46-48, New Elephant Road,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

2. Mr. Hossain Ali Chanchal
As he is a broker, so he has no permanent office address. I had one of his visiting card, where his office address was Dhanmondi, but this card was missing. He took me to a office which he said as his partner's office, which is situated near Panthpath Signal. This building was beside Gastro-Liver Hospital.

You can include the name of any fraud people in this list with a short history of your experience through comment to this post. But please note that, it is only for make careful the people to protect themselves from fraud, not for taking any action against anybody. Taking action must require proper evidence and also must by legal authority, not by general people. Because, anybody can give name here only for personal enmity, which we could not control. Even the list provided by myself also not enough for take any action.